Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Two Bolts

Tom and I dangle eighty feet
    from the base of Big Bad Wolf
       like flies tangled in a spiderweb

From our perch above
    Red Rock Canyon
       sandstone metamorphosed
by season upon season of
    sun, wind, and rain
       undulates across the desert landscape
I try not to think about my aching toes
    and cramping feet
       balanced, as I am, on a
          three-inch protrusion of rock
Some people say that
    because I climb I am amazing
       but I don't think so

Sure, I can swallow my fear
    when suspended from
       two shiny bolts bored into the rock
Bolts that could give way
    bolts that might amount to the difference
       between this life and the next
But this does not make me amazing

Life on earth is a delicate balance
    tenuous, like this rope I'm hanging on,
       with the love of my life by my side

Tears well up
    and spill down my cheeks
       like precious drops of rain

Breathe, says Tom.

1 comment:

  1. Yay - Glad you told me you're writing on this and I found it. Beautiful - You always know how to capture the nugget of life in each experience!